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SOLVIT Centres exist in every country of the EU as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. El Reino Unido dejó de formar parte de la red SOLVIT el 31 de diciembre de 2020. Por lo tanto, SOLVIT no puede seguir ayudando a ciudadanos o empresas del Reino Unido en los Estados miembros de la Unión Europea ni a ciudadanos o empresas de la Unión Europea en el Reino Unido. SOLVIT is an informal network which consists of centers in all EU Member States, including Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. Whether it be trouble with obtaining a driving license, getting professional qualifications recognized or obtaining a VAT refund; when public authorities act contrary to the EU rights of private parties, SOLVIT may be able to take care of the problem.

Solvit european union

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Although there is a SOLVIT centre in each country, the best way to contact them is via this website. SOLVIT and the United Kingdom The United Kingdom left the SOLVIT network on 31 December 2020. As a result, SOLVIT can no longer assist with UK-related problems. EU and UK nationals do continue to enjoy rights under EU law, notably the Withdrawal Agreement. … SOLVIT Center. Stubenring 1 1020 Wien.

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Goods lawfully sold in one EU country can be sold in another – with a few exceptions based on public safety, health or the environment. If you are selling your goods in your home country but you’re facing obstacles in selling them in another EU country, you can call on SOLVIT: https://ec.europa. By way of example, the network might find solutions to cross-border problems in the European Union (EU) relating to employment, the recognition of university qualifications, car registration, business start-ups or the supply of goods and services. It operates in all EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

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Solvit european union

Charlotte von Mentzer. Telefon: 08-690 48 00 SOLVIT – EspañaMinisterio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación. Serrano Galvache 26. 28033 Madrid. Tel.: +34 91 379 9999. Tel.: +34 91 394 8684. E-mail: solvit@maec.es.

Solvit european union

Telefon: 08-690 48 00 SOLVIT is a service provided to the citizens and enterprises of the European Union for the extra-judicial adjudication of problems, which may arise as a consequence of incorrect application of the European Union internal market legislation by an authority of another member state. After SOLVIT's intervention, Spanish authorities recognised the case as a breach of the Treaty concerning the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union. The applicant's spouse was invited to reapply for the permit, this time with a positive outcome.
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Solvit european union

När ärendet är anmält är det också vi som behandlar det.

European Union Agency Journal of the European Union as well on a common Internet site reproducing Internet pages with national domains linked to the European SOLVIT portal. Parliament and initiated the creation of a common Internet address with the domain name solvit.eu for all national SOLVIT centres, and Member States which,  EU:s inre marknad och handelspolitik unionsrättigheter. • →Your Europe Advice Solvit – Löser problem med dina EU-rättigheter när du arbetar, bor eller gör.
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SOLVIT is free of charge.